Among Us Character Guide (2022): Color, Lore, Everything

One of the most iconic characters in video games is the Among Us character. They are as mystifying as they are oddly adorable crewmates of a spaceship gone awry. And, it’s their bottomless wardrobe of odd and wild cosmetics that makes them so unforgettable.

Currently, you have the option of choosing from 14 different crew members. And, each has a different color. However, choosing one Among Us character over another doesn’t really make a difference in terms of gameplay.

We should admit, however, that you really need to look good to have a chance of winning the best mobile multiplayer games.

And, thanks to the Among Us skins, Among Us hats, and even Among Us pets, you can customize your character to your heart’s content.

So, get creative and match your avatar’s color to your crewmate’s clothing to make your crewmate unique. In other words, Among Us, fashion is definitely a thing.

And, your knowledge of the Among Us characters will definitely enhance thanks to this here guide. Continue reading.

Among Us Character: Everything You Need to Know

In the game, the characters are based on a space theme. The players are either crew members of spacecraft or alien imposters masquerading as crewmembers.

There are usually four to ten players in a round, either online or over LAN. And, in each round, the crewmates’ goal is to save the spacecraft.

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The round also has one to three alien imposters who are trying to kill all other crew members. And, the players bring out the emergency meeting to throw out a player of the spaceship.

In Among Us, the characters all look the same. The only exception is their color uniform. And, the creatures seem human-like. Also, they wear full-body space suits. And, they also carry backpack-sized oxygen tanks.

Depending on the map, crewmembers have different tasks. Throwing out the spaceship’s garbage and scanning another crew member are some of the tasks which the players have to complete.

Additionally, thy also repair the shields, destroy asteroids, fix the electrical wiring, align the engine output, and divert power from one mechanism to another.

How to Change Among Us Character Name?

You are going to pick the name of your Among Us character. And, it is easy to change your name. But, you have to do so before the next round begins.

Simply, click on ‘Online’ from the main menu. Then, click ‘Enter Name’. And, change your current title to something more exciting.

Also, keep in mind that if you’re partway through around, you cannot change your name. That would lead to all kinds of confusion.

All Among Us Characters List

Among Us has a total of 14 characters, each with a unique color. Here is the complete list:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Banana
  • Grey

Among Us Character Color

Red Among Us Character

The most popular character in the game is the red Among us. The red character in Among us is also famously called ‘sus’.

Innersloth portrays red as the Imposter in much of its promotional content, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

Most people also consider Red as a dangerous color. This makes them alert. And, when a dead body is reported or sabotage occurs, Among Us flashes a red alert. So, that also reinforces the idea that red is always bad.

On the basis of the promotional content released by Innersloth so far, it appears that Red is the true Impostor in the game’s canon lore.

However, don’t forget that impostors and crewmates are all random. So, you should try to avoid drawing inferences from the color of the characters.

Pink Among Us Character

Unlike the red Among Us character, the pink character looks harmless to others.

After all, pink is a color that looks like anything other than murder. This allows it to become a silent assassin. And, nobody suspects it during the entire game.

Orange Among Us Character

Orange seems to be one of the innocent crew members. Cyan and Green are very close friends. And, the “Discuss” icon features it alongside Green after a crewmate starts an emergency meeting.

In addition, Orange is shown as being trapped by a thief using door sabotage in Security.

Blue Among Us Character

One of the most ordinary and pedestrian characters in Among Us appears to be blue.

Blue is a very simple and ordinary color hence fewer doubts. Also, Among Us Logic 7 and 13 featured it as a minor character.

Green Among Us Character

One of the promotional posters for Among Us depicts Green as an impostor. However, in the game’s How to Play section, Green is present as a crewmate alongside White and Orange.

After witnessing Red, the usual suspect, emerge from the spaceship’s vents, the three of them call an emergency meeting. However, the character Green is not very popular among players.

Black Among Us Character

Mischief is also associated with the black Among Us character. It is because the color black is associated with ominous signs. And, also sabotage and vent icons are black in color.

In the beginning, it was referred to as “Gray”. And, as The Impostor, the character appears frequently in the advertisements and How to Play sections of Among Us.

Yellow Among Us Character

On the Admin map, yellow Among Us characters represent players. They are anonymized in this way. Also, once, Yellow appeared alongside a robot and Mini crewmate on a promotional poster for Among Us pets.

Also seen in a Christmas promotional poster, Yellow wears an elf hat and rides a jetpack. And, on pages 6 and 7, it appears as a dead boy.

White Among Us Character

The White Among Us character holds a megaphone to symbolize a public service announcement in the game’s announcement icon.

It is also an innocent color. This is reinforced by seeing White and Purple in the How to play section repairing a reactor meltdown.

And, when the game’s redrawn art style was introduced, White was the first character to be featured.

Purple Among Us Character

Three promotional images for the game feature purple. The color is often associated with less-known crewmates. The promotional materials for Among Us have shown Purple as a dead body, as an innocent fixer, and as a suspect.

Purple is also depicted as a dead body in the promotional image for Valentine’s day. And, during the incident, Lime appears to be an impostor from one of the ship’s vents.

Brown Among Us Character

According to the popularity rankings, Brown ranks 11th out of the most popular characters. And, as a result, it does not often appear in promotional materials.

On the other hand, Victoria Tran, Innersloth’s community director is frequently pictured wearing the brown Dum note when promoting the company.

It’s possible to find Brown friendly at times, logical at times, and toxic at other times.

Lime Among Us Character

As soon as they realize they are not the imposter, Lime Among Us appears to abandon the game in rage. Also, lime appears only two times in the game’s promotional content, the least of any color.

Additionally, a dummy Crewmate cannot become a Lime. Since it was introduced in a later update to the game.

Cyan Among Us Character

Cyan is one of the most popular characters in promotional content. We would guess that Cyan is the younger brother or sister of Orange and Green in Among Us.

It is because they are all displayed in a family picture when a player swipes an ID card. And, cyan is the smallest of the three.

Cyan is also sometimes referred to like light blue or teal by some people.

Maroon Among Us Character

Maroon is not well known to us. But, in promotional artwork, it appears to be a slightly different shade of blue than in-game.

Rose Among Us Character

The announcement of Rose was made in May 2021. It was added to the game on June 15, 2021. There isn’t much trivia or lore concerning these three.

Gray Among Us Character

The announcement of Gray was made in May 2021. On June 15, 2021, Gray was added to the game. They don’t have a lot of trivia or lore.

Banana Among Us Character

The announcement of Banana was made in May 2021. And, it was added on June 15, 2021. Not much is known about these characters.

Tan Among Us Character

During the development of the game, tan was one of the original colors. However, the developers decided to remove the color after the initial release of the game.

However, since the update on June 15 in 2021, it’s back in the lineup. It is, however, the least popular color, according to Innersloth.

How to Draw Among Us Characters?

Among Us, characters are very easy to draw, just like Among Us logos which are very simplistic. And, you will need to follow these steps in order to draw an Among Us character outline. You can do detailing after that.

There is also some character drawing guides for Among Us which you can find online. Pinterest and Twitter are also great places to see Among Us character artwork.

Here are a few simple steps to drawing characters from Among Us:

  • In the first step, draw a large U upside down.
  • Now, you will now need to add the character’s lowe boy (legs and waist).
  • Drawing the oval facemask on the spacesuit is the next step.
  • Then you should remove the upside-down U part that is within the facemask’s area.
  • It is now possible to draw a backpack on the back of the crewmate or impostor.
  • Next, add some very light shadows on the character’s body.
  • To do this, use a thick market to press the outline of the body.
  • Additionally, you can shade the character in two different shades of the same color.
  • And, for the drawing to look more realistic, you should cover the lower part of the crewmate or impostor’s body with a darker shade.

That’s it.


What is an Among Us character called?

Other than the names selected by players before the game begins, crewmates do not have individual names. However, all of them as a team represent a crew.

Which Among Us character is the most popular?

Among Us’ official Twitter account published a post that shows how popular its various colors are. Red took the top spot as expected.  The Black is in the second spot. And, in third place was White, and in 18th place was Tan.

What Are Among Us characters based on?

The game has taken inspiration from Mafia, a live party game, and The Thing, a science fiction horror film.

Marcus Bromander originally suggested the concept. He has co-founded Innersloth and played Mafia since his childhood.

What does each Among Us character mean?

There is no difference in height or weight between the characters in Among Us. The blood type is, however, randomized each time.

So, in other words, even if they play the same color, players are different people each time.

Are Among Us characters beans?

No, they are not beans. But, the cute, bean-shaped characters in Among Us and Fall Guys have become so recognizable that more games may follow their lead.

What is the most picked color in Among Us?

The most popular color choice in Among Us is red, the game’s staple color.

The interesting thing is that most of the vanilla colors remain superior to the newbies like lime, gray, maroon, and coral, even after the major update.

How many Colours are in Among Us?

The wardrobe offers 18 different color options for players to choose from. The colors are Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime, Maroon, Rose, Banana, Gray, Tan, and Coral.

But, the color selected by the player has no direct effect on gameplay. Only the appearance of the player will change.

What is cyan in Among Us?

Cyan color is attractive by its light blue hue. And, when people refer to “cyan” in Among Us, they are referring to the character who isn’t the dark blue one.

Also, the term “light blue” is not very popular. Since it is more difficult to type. Speed is also often a key factor.

Is Tan a color in Among Us?

Yes, Tan is a color in Among Us, Players can choose and customize a variety of colors in Among Us, including tan. Tan is Among Us’ thirteenth color.

What color is least sus in Among Us?

Brown, dark green, and lime green are probably the fewest colors in Among Us.

In addition, InnerSloth says they’re also the three least popular colors in the game. And. fewer people tend to choose them.

What is the most innocent color in Among Us?

The yellow color is probably the most innocent color in Among us. Players having yellow colors can easily create trust. And, in this way many impostors having yellow color win the game.

Is there an orange Among Us character?

Yes, there is an orange character in Among Us. Players can customize the color orange in Among Us. And, it appears they are close friends with green and cyan.

How does a Among Us character look like?

Humanoids are present in a spaceship wearing spacesuits as living characters. Their legs are short and they do not have arms.

And, in addition, their spacesuits hide what is underneath. However, it is sometimes possible that players have four fingers in their hands at certain moments.

Do Among Us characters have backpacks?

In Among Us, there are crew members in a spaceship. And, also there is a mysterious and deadly imposter among them. They appear to be humanoid creatures with a portly build.

And, their spacesuits and backpacks cover their entire bodies. However, it is unclear what their backpacks are for. But, it’s most likely an oxygen tank.

Do Among Us characters have genders?

Yes, the Among Us Characters have genders. Additionally, there are non-binary and transgender characters too.

Why do Among Us characters have no arms?

Among Us often features inside jokes and easter eggs, which are signatures of Innersloth. This part is probably just for fun.

Developers, however, may have decided against giving crewmates arms for this reason. The arms make crewmates appear quite frightening.

Why red is always Sus?

As a result of the popularity of the game, memes like “Red is Sus” have appeared.

And, it derives from the stereotype that a red crewmate is usually an imposter. As a result, it is “suspicious”.

Is there a Grey Among Us character?

Yes, there is Gray Among Us character. Gray is one of the colors players can customize and select in Among Us.

And, in May 2021, it was announced. However, it was added to the game in version 2021.6.

What is the height of an Among Us character?

A submit scan task indicates that the characters are 3’6″ tall.

Is there a yellow Among Us character?

Yes, there is a yellow Among Us character. In Among Us, players are able to select and customize yellow as one of their colors.

What is the most sus skin in Among Us?

White Suit is the final and most visible part of his skin in Among Us. Clearly, this is an evil villain’s skin. It looks like the skin of a James Bond villain.

A player can pair the White Suit with any hat they like. However, it does not change their opponents’ perception of them.

How do you dress up like an Among Us character?

You and your friends can dress up as characters from Among Us by wearing the same color head to toe. Then, use paper masks and hats to complete your look.

Final Words

That concludes our Among Us character guide. We hope that you have found some valuable information from this guide about different Among Us character, their colors, their lores, the people’s perception of them, etc.

Thanks for reading this article. Do share your valuable thoughts in the comment section. You can also share any interesting trivia about Among Us characters. We will definitely add them to this article.

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