Best Fonts in MS Word & How to Add New Fonts

Typefaces are usually referred to as a whole family of fonts in MS Word. The type or style of font is also considered by people to be important.

A “font” is a combination of a number of different features. Typestyle, size, color, and weight are some examples.

For this reason, “Font” is used to describe a whole range of display options in MS Word. It may be the typeface, color, weight, or size.

If you understand the difference. In the next lesson, we will look at how to explore MS Word’s list of font styles as well as how to add new fonts.

Best Fonts in MS Word 

An illustration of how the fonts when applied can be seen below.

Font styles in Word

Keep reading to know about fonts in word and all methods to add new fonts.

How to Add New Fonts in Word

It is possible that you will have to add new fancy fonts into your Word document, even though Microsoft Word and other Office apps include plenty of font styles.

There is no problem for you. Because I’ll show you how to use any new font in MS Word and apply it to your projects in this tutorial.

It is possible to upgrade the fonts in MS Word in a variety of ways. We’ll go through all the options here in this article one by one.

Add Fonts Using the Microsoft Store

Adding new fonts to Microsoft Office documents and apps is as simple as visiting the Microsoft Store.

Here are the steps:

  • On your PC, go to Settings.

Enter settings into the search bar of your PC to open the settings. Hit Enter to complete the action.

settings in pc 

  • Select Fonts. Then click Get More Fonts.

get more fonts 

You will see a list of available fonts in the store when you select Get more fonts.

  • To add a font, click on it when you find it.

List of Fonts in ms Word 

Once you’ve clicked Get, the font will be downloaded.

Download fonts for Word 

A few fonts are not free, of course. Before you can download some of them, you must contribute a little.

The downloaded font family will become available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint once you complete the above steps.

Add Fonts Using the Font Installer

There aren’t a lot of fonts in the Microsoft Store. Because of this, it is unlikely to have the font you need.

If you want to download another font, you can find one elsewhere. It can then be installed into Microsoft Word and other office programs.

Follow these steps:

  • To add a font to Microsoft Word, download it.

Fonts can be downloaded from several sources. Also, you can explore the many free fonts available on the web.

  • Browse to the folder that has the font file you want to add after downloading it.

Zip files may contain fonts. Unzipping the file would be advised in that case.

the downloaded font file in the folder 

  • Select the font file by right-clicking. You will see a shortcut menu. You can choose to install it for all users or just for yourself.

install the font for Word 

All the above steps must be followed to make the installed font available. The fonts you have installed in Office apps and MS Word.

Fonts types in word 

Here is a video tutorial on how to add new fonts in ms word.

Final Words

This was all about fonts in word and how to install new fonts in MS word. Microsoft Word offers the following methods for adding new fonts.

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