(2023) Easily Insert a Bullet Point Symbol in Word (•)

Typing the Bullet Point symbol or Dot Sign (•) is very very easy in both windows and mac from a keyboard.

In this guide, I will tell you about various interesting methods using which you can type bullet point symbols in word, excel, etc.

Here’s how

How to Insert a Bullet Point Symbol in Word

If you are searching for ways to insert bullet points in Microsoft Word, this guide will be of great help to you.

The method you choose depends on the task you are performing. I’ll start with the easiest first.

bullet point symbol

Here’s a quick fix:

Place the insertion pointer where you wish the bullet point symbol to appear in Word. Keep the Alt key pressed. You then need to press and release the Alt key after pressing 0149 on the numeric keypad.

You will now have bullet point symbols in your Word document.

Insert Using Symbol Dialog Box

Keyboards do not have a bullet point symbol. Because of this, it can be difficult for some people to insert the symbol into Word.

This symbol can be easily inserted into a Word document by using the Insert Symbol dialog box.

I will outline the steps below without further ado:

  • Wherever you wish to insert the symbol, place the insertion pointer.
  • Select the Insert tab.

how to type bullet sign 

  • The Insert tab will appear
  • Click on the Symbols button under the Symbols group. Click on More Symbols to expand the list.

  • Please click on the More Symbol drop-down menu.

A dialog box for selecting a symbol will appear. The Microsoft Word Symbol Library dialog box provides a list of all the symbols within the program.

From the library of symbols, locate the bullet point symbol.

Symbols of specific types can be displayed easily using the Subset dropdown list. Bullet and point symbols are found in the subset of General punctuation.

  • From the library of symbols, select the bullet point symbol
  • Click on the symbol to select it. Select Insert from the menu.
  • Choose the bullet symbol. Then click on Insert

insert symbol

By clicking the insert button, you will automatically insert a bullet point symbol in your Word document.

  • If you’d like to cancel this dialog, click on the Cancel button.

This is how the Symbol Dialog Box in Word allows you to insert this and other symbols.

Copy and Paste Bullet Symbol

A simple copy and paste into your Word document is the easiest way to add this symbol.

If you would like to copy the symbol and paste it into your document, it is below:

[su_note note_color=”#FFFFE0″ radius=”15″]


Further reading will provide you with more options for inserting this symbol.

Add Bullet Point Sign to a List

When you type a bulleted list in Microsoft Word, the program is able to detect it. This feature uses its auto-formatting as you type functionality to help you.

Consequently, the insertion pointer must appear at the beginning of each new paragraph if you intend to insert a point or bullet.

Once the Tab key has been pressed, continue. You’ll need to press Shift+8 (asterisk). Once again, press Tab. The asterisk will be converted to a bullet or point in Word.

As an alternative, if you would like to include bullet points in your list, follow these instructions:

  • List your items. Each item should be on a new line

bullet symbol in PowerPoint 

  • The options in the list should be highlighted.

bullet sign typing 

  • You can add bullets to any list you choose
  • In the Paragraph group, click the Home tab. Choose Bullets from the drop-down list.

type bullet in word

  • The options will appear in a dropdown menu. The selected text will be styled as a bullet list when you select the bullet list style.
  • You can add bullets to a list by selecting it.

insert bullet symbol into ms word 

  • Using these steps you will create a bulleted list from the select text.

Insert bullet point in Word using Alt Code

To insert the symbols into Word, Microsoft Word has a unique code for each of its symbols. They are called Alt codes.

Bullet Point Symbols have the Alt code 0149.

Here are the instructions for inserting the bullet point symbol with the Alt Code:

  • Wherever you wish to insert the symbol, place the insertion pointer.
  • Using the numeric keypad, press the alt code (0149) while holding down the Alt key.
  • You can now release the Alt key.

You will see the bullet point symbol appear in your Word document immediately after releasing the Alt key.

Insert Bullet Point symbol using AutoCorrect

In addition, you can use the AutoCorrect feature in Word to insert the Bullet Point symbol.

Using it, spelling mistakes can be corrected.

The bullet point symbol can be assigned a shortcut using this trick. (such as bpsym).

This will make Word think you actually wanted to type the bullet point symbol when you type bpsym. The bullet point will be converted automatically.

There is one thing that makes this approach interesting, the symbol can be assigned any code you want. Every time you type the assigned code, Word will insert the appropriate symbol for you.

Below we detail the steps for how to use AutoCorrect to type the Bullet Points in Word.

  • Click the Symbol button under the Insert tab.
  • Select More Symbols. A dialog box appears to let you select a symbol.
  • The Bullet Point symbol can be found here. Choose it by clicking on it.
  • The AutoCorrect dialog box is displayed after clicking the AutoCorrect button.
  • Select the bullet icon. Then click the AutoCorrect button.

insert bullet symbol using autocorrect 

Enter the following in the AutoCorrect dialog box:

[su_note note_color=”#FFFFE0″ radius=”15″]

Replace: BPSYM

With: •


replace bsym with • 

Click the Add button. Click on OK.

Whenever you type BPSYM into Word, a Bullet Point symbol will appear in your document.

bullet point symbol custom shortcut (cp)

In this case, however, there are several things to keep in mind when you use the AutoCorrect Method.

  • Word will consider the AutoCorrect text part of the text if there is any text before or after it. Thus, it won’t be converted to a bullet point symbol. In the case of XBPSYM, no conversion will take place. However, X BPSYM will be converted to X •.

Final Words

This was all about how you can insert or type bullet point in word easily.

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