Harem Hotel Cheat Codes (Latest)

Are you looking Harem Hotel Cheat Codes? This is the right place for you if your answer is YES. 

In addition to getting a lot of money, our Harem Hotel cheats will also increase your character’s stats. 

And playing Summertime Saga is like playing Harem Hotel, so if you like that game, you will love Harem Hotel too.

There’s a guy who inherits a hotel in Harem Hotel. There are eight gorgeous women staying here. And there are seven beautiful women named Lin, Kali, Ashley, Maria, Autumn, Felicity, and Emma.

And getting close to these girls is all you need to do. Get to know them and upgrade the hotel with their help. 

In order to progress in the game, you will need a lot of money, which is why we have compiled a list of Hotel Harem codes. It will maximize your character’s stats and earn you a lot of money.

Harem Hotel Cheat Codes

Would you like some money? Are you interested in maxing the stats of any characters? Would it be possible to add an extra scene? 

We are going to provide you with the following codes:

For Money:

In Harem Hotel, money is crucial for upgrading your hotel and purchasing items. And the Harem Hotel codes have been hard to find for many players. 

Fortunately, we have you covered if that’s the case.

makeitstorm – Get $ 999,999.

makeitrain  –  Get $ 1,000.

The Harem Hotel code to get money is only available in two places. So be sure to bookmark this page if you search the internet frequently for these codes. 

And remember to visit this page from time to time because new codes are added regularly.

Harem Hotel Cheat Codes : Maximize Character Stats

Would you like your character’s stats to be as high as possible? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a number of codes. 

You will certainly be able to increase the stats of your character if you do that.

  • jumptoend = Maxes out each character’s stats up to the last update, gives you money, and more.
  • jumptoend_lin – Maximize Lin’s stats.
  • jumptoend_kali  – Maximize Kali’s stats.
  • jumptoend_ash – Maximize Ashley’s stats.
  • jumptoend_maria – Maximize Maria’s stats.
  • jumptoend_bot – Maximize Android stats.
  • jumptoend_F&E – Maximize Felicity and Emma’s stats.
  • jumptoend_autumn – Maximize Autumn’s stas

Extra Scenes

  • truestory (on your pc in your room) – convert Felicity and Emma (the cheerleaders) from Clones to Twins.
  • spinningtv – add a purple mod.
  • slaveroute_nia – Will change Nia to the Slave Route.
  • loveroute_nia – Will change Nia to the Love Route.
  • slaveroute_sylvia – Will change Sylvia to the Slave Route.
  • loveroute_sylvia – Will change Sylvia to the Love Route

Harem Hotel Cheat Codes : Other codes

  • dayplus10 – Add 10 days
  • changename – Allows you to change your name

Redeem  Codes Harem Hotel?

There is too much ease in redeeming Harem Hotel cheats. And you simply need access to a computer in order to redeem a code. 

Select Input Code once you have gained access. Enter the redemption code.

Final Words

We reach the end part of the article. And hope you will get the entire information about the topic

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