How To Redeem V Bucks On Nintendo Switch

Do you know how to redeem V Bucks On Nintendo Switch?

The V Bucks virtual currency in Fortnite is a premium currency. And the Battle Pass lets you unlock new characters, cosmetics, outfits, and emotes for your characters. 

It is possible to obtain V bucks in several ways. A V Bucks Gift Card or a Battle Pass can be purchased. Also, gift cards can be redeemed once the code is received. 

To get the code instantly, you can also purchase a digital version of the gift card. Due to Nintendo Switch’s inability to redeem V bucks on-device, you will have to redeem them online. 

The Nintendo Switch V bucks redemption process can be found at the end of this article.

How To Redeem V Bucks On Nintendo Switch

  1. You can redeem your V-bucks card at Epic Games.

  1. Click “Get started”. And your Nintendo account must be logged in.

  1. Sign up for a Nintendo account if you don’t already have one.

  1. You will be able to link your Fortnite account to your Nintendo account by doing this.
  1. You can redeem your V bucks on your Fortnite account after you register by entering your gift card’s code or PIN.

Here are some methods to acquire V Bucks on Fortnite once you’ve learned how to redeem V bucks on your Nintendo Switch.

Get V Bucks in Fortnite

  1. The item shop in Fortnite allows you to purchase V-bucks.
  1. Fortnite Crew subscriptions provide 1000 V bucks per month along with 950 V bucks per season completed.
  1. There are several perks available to Fortnite players who have purchased the Founder’s Edition. The following are among them:

You can earn up to 100 V bucks by completing daily challenges.

With a minimum guarantee of 100 V bucks, you can also receive up to 1000 V bucks.

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